Independiente, Estadio Libertadores de América

Independiente, Los Diablos Rojos, Rey de Copas, The Red Devils, King of Cups are The Copa Libertadores most successful club with seven titles. Based in Avellaneda in the South of Buenos Aires, Independiente's stadium is right next door to fierce rivals Racing. Think Dundee and Dundee United but slightly bigger and more successful. Independiente's formation... Continue Reading →

San Lorenzo, Estadio Pedro Bidegain

They say we're out our minds, but San Lorenzo isn't interested, we drink pure demijohn wine and smoke all the marijuana. San Lorenzo have my second favourite football chant after Sunshine on Leith. Now El Neuvo Gasometro isn't the best ground, it isn't the most interesting ground but I had to see De la Cabeza... Continue Reading →

Boca Juniors, Estadio Alberto J. Armando

One of Argentina's most famous clubs Boca Juniors was undoubtedly one of the main reasons we had made our way to South America. The Xeneizes are Argentina's most successful team with 68* titles. Internationally their 22 titles mean they're the third most successful club team in the world. Most importantly though, they have utterly bonkers... Continue Reading →

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